The Charlotte Mason way starts before you choose curriculum.

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Unsure where to start. Overwhelmed with options. Spinning your wheels.

Bring simplicity to your Charlotte Mason journey and root yourself in the essentials: deep principles of education that will set your focus, build your confidence, and give you the practical tools to educate the Charlotte Mason way.


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The Charlotte Mason Philosophy is deep and rich.
But it doesn't have to be complicated.

Instead of check boxes and to-do lists, Charlotte Mason developed broad principles that show us how to give our children a beautiful, well-rounded education whether they are toddlers or teenagers. With this book, you will learn some of the most fundamental and action-oriented of these principles, so that you can apply them in your home right away and build your confidence as a Charlotte Mason educator.

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What's inside Before Curriculum?

What readers are saying.

Amy has written a lovely, encouraging and practical book! Before Curriculum is a jewel for families just beginning their Charlotte Mason journeys and for those who are a little farther down this path! She offers more depth to three of Miss Mason’s practical tools (atmosphere, discipline & life). They are fundamentally necessary early on—before parents begin to flesh out formal curriculum. Yet these principles or tools are vitally important in all phases of our Charlotte Mason homeschools.

As I read each section, I found rich grace, conviction and helpful “how-tos” for my own family’s homeschool! And after I finished reading Amy’s book, I also gained a renewed encouragement to continue deepening my understanding of Charlotte Mason’s method and philosophy through reading her own volumes.

So, roll up your sleeves and jump in! May the Holy Spirit be your guide as you glean further understanding and ideas about these practical Charlotte Mason principles in Before Curriculum!

Nancy Grant
CM Home Educator
West Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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Who should read this book?

New to the Charlotte Mason Philosophy

Ground yourself in some of Charlotte Mason’s foundational ideas, so that you can apply her philosophy, even as you learn more about it.

Homeschooling in a Non-Traditional Context

Early years? Deschooling? Bring the Charlotte Mason philosophy into action, even if you are home educating outside of the box of formal lessons. 

Short on Time

Focus your attention on the three practical tools of a Charlotte Mason education, and start bringing the philosophy to life in your home right away.

Overwhelmed with Choices

Learn guiding principles to help you navigate the world of Charlotte Mason resources, so you can make decisions that suit your family.

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About the author

Amy Fischer

Hi! My name is Amy. I’m a wife, a homeschooling mom of three boys, and an American ex-pat living in the north-west of the UK. I have an MA in Education and worked for a number of years in higher education before leaving the workforce to take care of my children. 

I first learned about Charlotte Mason when my eldest was just a baby. Since then, I have been reading, writing, and talking about her philosophy. I share the practical working-out of my Charlotte Mason journey at my blog, Around the Thicket.

You will also find me at the Thinking Love podcast, where I am a co-host, chatting about Charlotte Mason, the early years, and more.

Buy the book and start your journey.

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Available on Amazon

Why choose your price?

I am very pleased to offer my resources on a ‘choose your price’ basis. This means that you get to consider the value of the resource to you and make a payment that accords with that value as well as what you can afford. This makes me so happy for several reasons.

  • Affordability is not a barrier to my resources. I want the Charlotte Mason philosophy to be accessible as many people possible, and if you can’t afford a dime right now (and I understand if you can’t), you can access my resources for the perfect price of free.
  • By accepting contributions to my work, I offset my expenses. Running a blog, taking time to write, edit, format, and publish blog posts, books, and other resources is, sadly, not free. Any contributions that I receive first cover these costs, allow me to continue my work, and then to help support my family and my homeschool.
  • You can contribute according to the value you will receive. My resources will not give the same value to every person who reads or uses them. You can pay according to what you believe you will get in return. And if my work falls short, I will certainly give you a full refund.

Charlotte Mason passionately believed in ‘a liberal education for all’. So do I. ‘Choose your price’ helps me get my work into as many hands as possible while sustaining my ability to continue my work. Thank you for your help!


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