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The Lie I Told Myself: I don’t have time to get my kids outside.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not always the best person at getting outside, despite the many reasons to do so. Part of this is because it is simply inconvenient. Our backyard is the size of a postage stamp. We have a patch of grass that is maybe six by six feet, and that’s being generous. We have…

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A Home Preschool Schedule with the Child at Heart

[sc name=”Disclosure”] Before my oldest son was born, I took to the internet to figure out what age I might need to start formally home educating. I assumed it would be around the age of three, for preschool. There were, and still are, lots of home educating bloggers sharing their home preschool curricula and schedules…

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Book Review: Outdoor Learning in the Early Years by Helen Bilton

[sc name=”Disclosure”] Outdoor Learning in the Early Years by Helen Bilton takes a broad look at outdoor play in early years settings (affiliate link). Bilton’s book starts from the increasingly familiar premise that outdoor play is quite often neglected: Outdoor play spaces are often either small or non-existent, exclusively tarmacked hard surfaces with few natural elements….

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Why We Practice Natural Gross Motor Development

The question is not how we can “teach” an infant to move well and correctly, using cleverly thought up, artificially constructed, complicated measures, using exercises and gymnastics.  It is simply a matter of offering an infant the opportunity – or, more precisely, not to deprive him of this opportunity – to move according to his inherent ability. Dr Emmi Pikler, The Development…


The Most Practical Step Towards a More Peaceful Home with Young Children

[sc name=”Disclosure”] Being a mom to two little boys has definitely brought out the worst in me. One moment everything is fine, and the next I am harried, overwhelmed, covered in food and taking my frustration out on my kids. I’m just not being the parent that I want to be: calm, in control of the…

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The Most Important Skill You Can Develop to Help Your Kids Learn

Life with young kids gets intense.  Some mornings pass in a blur of crumbs and diaper changes. Last Thursday I was apparently so busy that I walked right out the door carrying a sippy cup, which I didn’t notice until ten minutes later when I got to my Pilates class. I’m sure that parents who…

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Book Review: Risk and Adventure in Early Years Outdoor Play

[sc name=”Disclosure”] Taking risks is a key part of growing up, one that many kids these days are missing out on. They are never out of sight from an adult, they are plucked from the top of playground equipment before they have a chance to think about how to get down, they certainly don’t climb…

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Five Reasons to Stop Making Excuses, Bundle Up, and Get Outside with the Kids

My relationship with the outdoors, historically, is mixed. I remember enjoying some outside activities when I was growing up in Indiana. As a family, we went hiking in state parks and wandered to the creek near our house. These are fond memories, but I have even more memories of sluggish, sweaty  summers of band camp, snow…