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As a parent and a homeschooler, sometimes practical tips just aren’t enough.

Raising and educating kids kids can be haphazard and chaotic. Parenting fads come and go.  New, enticing curriculums appear on your Pinterest feed daily. Everyone has a solution to your challenges – but which one is the best?  

19th century British educator and philosopher Charlotte Mason understood this problem. Her solution? Get to terms with the educational theory first. When we understand the why, we gain clarity for the how.

That’s what you’ll find at Around the Thicket: the philosophy of education alongside the practicalities.

Let’s learn together.

I’m Amy. I am five years into motherhood (three bouncing boys). Over those years, I have been reading, learning, and applying the Charlotte Mason philosophy to my parenting, to our early years home school, and even to myself.

On the blog, I share what I have figured out along the way so far, and the connections I make between the Charlotte Mason way and real life, with all its dirt, tantrums, and challenges.

I am also the author of Before Curriculum: How to Start Practicing the Charlotte Mason Philosophy in Your Home.

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