My Favorite Resources for Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Over the years, I have been reading, learning, and implementing the Charlotte Mason philosophy in my early years homeschool. In that time I’ve gathered quite a few resources that have become my go-to for help, encouragement, and simplifying our home and homeschool. Use the table of contents to find what interests you.

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Curricula We Use

Ambleside Online is our main curricula. This free curriculum covers history, geography, biography, Bible reading, science/nature study, poetry, and literature.

Mathematics Enhancement Programme is our math curriculum. This is a free, spiral program.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is the book I use to teach reading. As I write this, my eldest is finishing up the book and I plan to use it again with my next child.

Rhythm of Handwriting (cursive) is our handwriting curriculum. We are slowly working through the book.

Language Learning for Children – Language Mama Planner is the foundation for our French curriculum this year. This helps me give my (fluent in French) husband set activities to do with our kids.

Finding and Buying Homeschool Books

Abebooks is my first stop to shop for used books.

If I notice that a book is for sale from Better World Books, I purchase from them directly. They often have offers on purchasing used books which can sometimes get you 20% off! A great way to bag books for future years of homeschool.

TopCashback allows me to get cashback on purchases from Abebooks and other online booksellers.

Living Books Press sells high quality reprints of many Ambleside Online selections.

Household Management

Cooksmarts is a meal planning service. They don’t send food and ingredients. Instead, they compile menus each week that help me eliminate time previously spent trying to figure out what to eat. Consequently, we are wasting less food and going for ‘top-up’ shops much less frequently. A huge win – we are in our second year of subscribing.

Charlotte Mason (Inspired) Podcasts

Schole Sisters is a huge encouragement every time I listen. They touch on many classical and Charlotte Mason ideas.

The Literary Life Podcast: Charlotte Mason says that ‘Education is a Life’. This podcast is an embodiment of that phrase as the hosts read through living books together and discuss them on the show.

Thinking Love. This is a bit of a cheat since I am a cohost, but recording this podcast is one of the most challenging, encouraging, and growing things that I do!

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