Bring Atmosphere, Discipline, and Life into Action.

Set the Charlotte Mason philosophy into action in your home with the companion workbook to Before Curriculum. This action-oriented guide will help you take practical steps to use Atmosphere, Discipline, and Life as educational tools.

What's inside the workbook?

The Before Curriculum Workbook contains three sections – Atmosphere, Discipline, and Life – that correspond to the Before Curriculum book. You’ll find:

  • Questions for reflection on each educational tool
  • Prompts to choose your personal action steps
  • A re-usable monthly action plan sheet to summarize your plan
  • A re-usable monthly reflection sheet to think through your progress

Get the workbook.

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You’ll immediately receive the PDF workbook in both A5 and half letter format, for easy printing in a booklet format.

I am happy to offer this workbook as choose your price.  Read more about why, or click below to get your copy of the workbook.

Why choose your price?

I am very pleased to offer many of my resources on a ‘choose your price’ basis. This means that you get to consider the value of the resource to you and make a payment that accords with that value as well as what you can afford. This makes me so happy for several reasons.

  • Affordability is not a barrier to my resources. I want the Charlotte Mason philosophy to be accessible as many people possible, and if you can’t afford a dime right now (and I understand if you can’t), you can access my resources for the perfect price of free.
  • By accepting contributions to my work, I offset my expenses. Running a blog, taking time to write, edit, format, and publish blog posts, books, and other resources is, sadly, not free. Any contributions that I receive first cover these costs, allow me to continue my work, and then to help support my family and my homeschool.
  • You can contribute according to the value you will receive. My resources will not give the same value to every person who reads or uses them. You can pay according to what you believe you will get in return. And if my work falls short, I will certainly give you a full refund.

Charlotte Mason passionately believed in ‘a liberal education for all’. So do I. ‘Choose your price’ helps me get my work into as many hands as possible while sustaining my ability to continue my work. Thank you for your help!