Connections in History

“The king was now in the hands of the armed forces of the kingdom, not of its Parliament”

John Schofield, Cromwell to Cromwell, p. 186

“In this way the King became the prisoner of the army instead of the prisoner of the Parliament.”

H.E. Marshall, Our Island Story

I picked up Cromwell to Cromwell in part to start understanding the English reformation and the history of the Anglican church a bit better, but I settled on this particular book because it happens to cover most of time period that my 8 year old is reading in his history lessons this year (Ambleside Online Year 3).

It can be hard to find time to read anything, but I think it really speaks volumes to our kids when we take our own learning seriously. I suspect that when we show an interest in what we’re asking them to study, it validates that subject as worthwhile.

And sometimes you get the joy of reading almost the exact same sentence in two different books on the same day. That’s a special thing to share with a child!

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