How We Homeschooled (Last Tuesday)

I’m a guest on How We Homeschool today. It’s a Substack run by Catherine Oliver, a British, home educating mum who shares what her days with her children look like. She also shares many guest posts like mine, where other people share their homeschool days, so you never get the impression that there is only one way to home educate! She also has some great commentary on home educating in the UK particularly – check out her recent post, Should we have a home education register?

In my post I share a bit about how I plan, how I share my time between three children, and when I hide in my room. I particularly didn’t want to give a false impression that I float painlessly through our school days, nor that it’s a drudgery. Home education is work, but good work. Putting on my pajamas at 8pm is well deserved, in my opinion.

Click here to read the post, and take some time to look around Catherine’s Substack (and subscribe!).

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