Charlotte Mason in the Wild

These ancient forests grew by means of the light and heat of the sun, so that a piece of coal is really so much fossil sunshine! And when you warm yourselves by the fire, you are really enjoying the heat of the sun, which was poured down on some forest of those old, old days, and was stored away by its leaves.

Charlotte Mason, Counties of England, p.14

“Miss Lavender,” said Hugh Anthony suddenly. “Is it really true that the flame that comes out of coal is the sunshine that got shut up in the leaves of the forest that were buried?”

“If it says so in your book,” said Miss Lavender, guardedly.

“It does say so.”

“Then it’s true,” said Miss Lavender, “Because your dear grandfather bought that book and he would never buy a book that made incorrect statements.”

Elizabeth Goudge, The City of Bells

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