Folk Songs

Ambleside Online (the curriculum we follow) has posted their folk song choices for 2022-2023. They are good. It always feels a little funny to wrap up school the same week that a lot of things are launching in preparation for the next school year (and when a lot of people are coming to the end of their summer breaks), but this list makes me feel so excited for the fun we are going to have this year.

Part of my planning will include seeing what we already have (we love Pete Seeger, so we have a few this year already), finding and purchasing songs we need (probably through Amazon Music) and setting up a playlist. I just received a swanky new internet-speaker thing from Ikea/Sonos, so no more tinny music played off my phone (yay!).

We usually try to learn three a term (along with three hymns), and I like to get to a point where we can sing them without accompaniment from an mp3. Singing together (and my boys singing in a choir) has added so much richness to our home and with friends who also follow the AO rotation, it builds up our ‘friend culture’ too. It’s so worth it, and I’m so grateful to AO and the work they put into this.

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