Advent: The Final Days

However imperfectly I observe Advent, there is still a build up in these last few days before the Big One. A sense of anticipation and a long list of things that need to be done. I’m waiting for our groceries, and anticipating an afternoon in the kitchen, hoping that the boys will do the tidying up that needs to be done, or at least play calmly together.

I think it’s easy to resent the busyness, to find the cookies to bake, the meals to plan and prep, the cleaning, the gifts to wrap somehow discordant with Advent and celebrating Christmas. And apart from that, just tiring. I also think it helps to think about Advent and Christmas as opposites: darkness versus light, fasting versus feasting, necessary (even hard) work versus holiday rest. The busyness is important, and has a place in Advent, but it should serve as a foil to the leisure we have over the holiday.

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