Reading Round Up (24 March)

We are inching closer to the end of our term and I’m attempting to put on tunnel vision to stick with our plans and keep us on track to finish strong. Slightly easier said than done (we are a tiny bit behind on Robinson Crusoe), but all in all, we’re doing pretty well. I’m more concerned with my plans to only take a week off at Easter – that’s a pretty quick turnaround to prep a new term of school, and my last one with only two students (!).

On a barely related note, here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading/listening to this week:

The World that Money Makes Go Round

This article from Rhys Laverty articulates my thoughts about the budget announcements in the UK and the plan to fund childcare from babyhood up. As an ‘economically inactive’ mother, I find the constant push to get both parents working to be irksome and ignorant. Giving care matters, whether to babies and toddlers, the elderly, or anyone who needs it. Mothers at Home Matter is a good place for more information.

The Age of AI

The show notes aren’t up for the latest Mere Fidelity podcast, but their latest interview with Jason Thacker on AI is pretty interesting. Touching on last week’s round up on social media, I found the discussion about whether technology can be morally neutral given how much it is shaping us to be helpful. I’ve picked up one of Thacker’s books (not the 453 page one) and am enjoying it so far: Following Jesus in a Digital Age (affiliate link there)

Short round-up this week. What blogs/podcasts/etc do you follow?

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