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Customizing a Curriculum for my Charlotte Mason Homeschool

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Do we sometimes expect too much from our homeschooling curriculum? Obviously it’s important. A crucial part of the Charlotte Mason philosophy is to give our kids a broad and generous education. A curriculum certainly helps me make sure that we get the proportions right.

But just because curriculum is a valuable tool, doesn’t mean that we have to follow it to a t. Instead, we need to consider our kids, our circumstances, even our location, and make a curriculum work for us. That’s exactly what I’ve set out to do this year. I talk all about it in the video below.

Are you deciding which Charlotte Mason curriculum to use? I have a full review of Ambleside Online over on How Do I Homeschool!

Customizing Ambleside Online to Work for my Family

In this video

00:27 Where we are in homechooling and what we are using for our curriculum

00:48 What we are taking into account as we apply our curriculum

01:25 Changes to history curriculum

01:58 Geography

02:28 Nature Study

03:35 Picture Study

04:25 Folk Songs and Hymns

05:25 Why we can have freedom with curriculum

Resources mentioned in this video

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Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

Paddle to the Sea

Burgess Bird Book

Birds of the Air by Arabella Buckley

Ambleside Online Artist Rotation

Video on folk songs and hymns

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