Week One

We finished our first week of school after a very long break. It always feels like a marathon, getting back into the routine, and this time even more so: we’re going eight weeks without a break instead of the usual six, due to a family visit.

It’s a term of new things: adding in Latin (Minimus), written narration, and typing for my oldest. Shakespeare coming up next week. Some books have shifted from morning time books to individual books for my middle guy. My youngest also got dedicated time with me every day. This clearly filled up his need for quality time: he grew progressively more patient and interrupted less as the week went on. We do a bit from a math workbook, read a story, and dip into Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I appreciate Charlotte’s advice to wait until six for formal lessons, but I stand by what I’m doing: when you have two big brothers in school, quality time to a five year old means doing what you see your brothers doing.

And, of course, there was a reprise of old things. Monday was incredibly long. It always looks about the same length as other days on paper, but for whatever reason, it takes a long time to get through the work I had set. I think we forget how to do school over the weekend…

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