Human Flourishing

Our vacations over the last few weeks included quite a bit of driving. Some families seem to pick an audiobook to play over the car speakers and everyone listens in. Personally, I pick out an audiobook and then give my kids headphones. The opportunity for uninterrupted conversation with my husband is too precious.

These conversations usually fall under the category of what I call ‘human flourishing’ or, in other words, a bunch of ideas that I’ve had from the books I’ve read recently and all the ways I now want to change the way we live.

For example:

  • Keeping phones out of our bedroom at night
  • What features we want in the alarm clocks we now need to buy
  • How the charging station for our phones will work
  • Going outside every morning before we look at our phones
  • Treating ourselves as persons (body, mind, soul, spirit)
  • Compensating for desk jobs and the best ways for us both to get in more exercise
  • How to make time to get in more than incidental exercise so that my upcoming long distance walk is not miserable
  • How to have the right attitude about all of the above
  • Resting well when you live inside your to-do list (i.e. a house that has jobs that need to be done)

We also had a lengthy conversation detailing all the reasons why I probably shouldn’t start a flower farm…

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