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How I Teach Hymns and Folk Songs in my Charlotte Mason Homeschool

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One part of Charlotte Mason homeschooling that I love is the inclusion of many riches. Artist study, composer study, and especially learning hymns and folk songs. These topics are not likely to ever appear on a standardized test, but in my opinion, they are essential to educating whole people.

Despite the importance of beauty and riches in education, I felt some trepidation about how to teach my children to sing hymns and folk songs. Why? Because up until fairly recently, my kids didn’t seem to sing that much.

Fortunately, we had a breakthrough at the end of last year. Watch below to learn how I teach my kids hymns and folk songs.

Learning Hymns and Folk Songs in our Homeschool

In this video

00:56 What I’ve tried (that didn’t work)

01:21 My trick to encouraging my kids to sing more

02:21 My next step towards learning songs once my kids started singing a bit more

02:56 Why this method was so effective

03:25 How I could tell my kids were learning new songs

04:18 My criteria for what music to play as we learn

04:50 The music we use for learning hymns

05:35 Why we decided not to use the Ambleside Online hymn rotation (for now)

06:35 How I am choosing the folk songs we are learning

07:50 What we’ll do before we go to learn a new songs

08:03 How I organize lyrics for the songs we are learning

08:58 How we deal with boredom in learning the same songs

Resources Mentioned in this Video

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Orchard Book of Nursery Rhymes

Our Christmas Album for Advent

Our bluetooth speaker

Reawaken Hymns

The Modern Hymnal

Ambleside Online hymn rotation

Ambleside Online folk song rotation

Master Binder video

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