How to Help a Homeschool Day Run Smoothly

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I’ve been doing a morning time routine with my kids for a few years now. After breakfast, we gather and enjoy music, poetry, and books together. Over that time, I’ve noticed one thing: morning time only runs smoothly when all of the books and resources are actually in the basket.

Nothing derails morning time faster than stopping in the middle in order to hunt for our read aloud. So when I started planning Year One, one of my biggest concerns was, “How can I keep myself organized so that I don’t disrupt the school day?”

I call my solution a master binder. I’m sure I’m not the first homeschool mom to put one of these together, but it is my attempt to keep disruptions to a minimum. The last thing I want to do during school is to pull out my phone in order to check the lyrics for our folk song. In the video, I flip through my whole binder, so if you’re wondering what you might want to have printed off for homeschooling, this might help.

Organized Homeschooling with a Master Binder

In this video

00:31 My driving question as I organized my homeschool materials

01:09 Look into my master binder

01:21 Our weekly schedule

02:07 Cheat sheets and tracking charts

02:37 Morning time resources – Lyrics and memory work

03:13 French lesson plans

03:53 Math posters and lesson plans

04:36 Geography maps and resources

Resources mentioned in this video

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Our laser jet printer (definitely an investment into our homeschool! This isn’t the exact model we have, but it is the nearest that is currently available.)

Weekly Schedule video

Language Learning for Children

Mathematics Enhancement Programme

Plastic pockets

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  1. Thank you so much for your videos. My oldest is 4 and I am beginning my research. I just discovered your site and I love that you link to your other videos because I just keep clicking and watching and learning!!
    We are going to begin a very gentle introduction to homeschool in the near future!

    Is there a place where I can check out your picture study sheet?

    1. I’m so glad the videos are helpful, Emily! It’s been fun putting these together and how exciting to be at the start of your journey 🙂

      I get all of my picture study resources from Rebecca at https://ahumbleplace.com/ and they are always put together SO well!

      I made a printable of these instructions from Simply Charlotte Mason: https://simplycharlottemason.com/blog/how-we-do-picture-study-picture-study-part-2/. I’m afraid I can’t share it though, since it would infringe on the work they’ve done!

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