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Finding, Buying, and Organizing Homeschool Books

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I think my oldest son was around two years old when I bought our first ‘school book’. I needed to top up an Amazon order so that I could get free shipping, and they had a copy of Our Island Story in their warehouse deals. It’s been floating around our house for years now, only recently finding a home with our other school books for Year One of our Charlotte Mason homeschool.

I’ve done quite a bit more book shopping since then, and have found some simple ways to keep track of the books I’ve bought and what I need. I also use a few tricks in order to find good deals on books. I talk about all this in the video, along with some suggestions on how to find good copies, and how to keep all those books organized.

How and Where to Get the Books for your Homeschool Curriculum

In this Video

00:29 A bit about the curriculum we need books for.

01:03 The first thing I did to keep track of all the books I need (and already have)

03:10 One reason to keep your book list online and organized

03:45 Where to find used books for your Charlotte Mason homeschool

05:09 Where to buy new books – and why you need to be careful

07:25 Why you should buy directly from a reputable publisher

07:53 Avoiding rubbish reprints by finding publishers you like

09:42 How I get an extra bargain on used books online

10:45 Some things I’ve tried to keep homeschool books organized

Resources Mentioned in this Video

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Ambleside Online

Google Keep


Living Book Press

Burgess Bird Book

Beautiful Feet Books

Everyman’s Library Children’s Classics


Tending the Heart of Virtue


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